Carsonite Glare Screen System

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WorkZone™ Modular Glare Screen™ System protects workers around the clock

Additional safety for workers in temporary work zones

Carsonite Composites WorkZone™ Modular Guidance System™ provides additional safety for workers in temporary work zones, reducing the risk of accidents from sudden lane changes, rubbernecking, driver confusion, and nighttime glare from the headlights of oncoming traffic.

We have currently 40,000 feet of this system already assembled and ready to mount in 10 ft sections. This system was only used once and is in great condition.

Sell price is per 10 ft section ($40.00 or $4.00/ft) .Please call 800-533-3221 to arrange for shipping/delivery of this product.


Carsonite Glare Screen System
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Price: $40.00